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Sauna Accessory 


Name:       Sauna bathrobe

Material     Cotton

Size:          Customized

Weight      320gsm

Craft:        Woven with 100% cotton yarn, environmental protection pigment dyeing, sewn into towel

Colors       White, pink, blue, black, grey or customized

Logos:       wash label, jacquard and embroidered

Packing:    1 piece/bag. or customized 

  1. Soft and comfortable 
  2. Colorful, fastness 
  3. Good water absorption

Applications:    Home, hotel, hospital, travel and promotion





Name:          Sauna Towel

Materials:     100% Cotton

Size:             35*75cm or customized

Weight:        120grams or customized

Color:           Do as you asked, red, white, blue, etc.

Packing:       Supply all kinds of packing options: opp bag, paper box, bag

Pattern:         Embroidery, Jacquard, Applique and Printing

Main Products:    Hand Towel, Face Towel, Bath Towel, Sport Towel, Bath Mat, Bathrobe

 1. Soft touch, good hand feeling 
 2. Water absorption excellent 
 3. Reactive dyed, eco-friendly




Name:            sauna slipper

Material:        microfiber fleece 

Pattern:         closed toe or open toe 

Size:              11*32cm

Weight:         108g-120g

Color:            White 

Style:             with customized embroidery logo 

Packing:        Opp bag


Name:              sauna spare parts-suitable for far infrared sauna room only

Accessory1:     ceramic heater

Accessory2:     carbon heating panel

Accessory3:     ceramic rod combine with carbon panel

Accessory4:     connecting buckle

Accessory5:     Different pattern of handle bar, and both wooden and stainless steel

Accessory6:     Ventilation

Accessory7:       temperature probe

Accessory8:       read lamp

Accessory9:       sauna speaker

Accessory10:     sauna oxygen ionizer

Accessory11:     optional CD player

Accessory11:     square LED light

Accessory12:    big round LED light


spare parts-traditional sauna



Name:              sauna spare parts-Traditional Finnish sauna only

Accessory1:     Harvia Stove with different power

Accessory2:     Safe lamp

Accessory3:     Hygro thermometer

Accessory4:     Bucket & laddle, & sand clock

Accessory5:     Wooden headrest



spare parts-portable steam sauna




Name:              sauna spare parts-Portable steam/infrared sauna only

Accessory1:     diffenent sauna tent, 

                         both inflatable & supporting tent

Accessory2:     sauna steamer or boiler, 1.5L-2.5L

Accessory3:     foldable chair,sponge mat, 

                         steam hose, electric air pump



sauna spare part




Name:       Sauna Power Supply 

                  Sauna power switch

could equip with far infrared sauna only.

Not suitable for traditional finnish sauna

Or,portable sauna.     



sauna spare part




Name:       Sauna PCB board

Sauna Printed Circuit board 



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